How To Do Explainer Videos The Right Way


Explain Yourself!: How To Do Explainer Videos The Right Way

Explainer Videos

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Want to make an explainer video?

This book is a fast and easy way to learn how to make your project successful. It will help you avoid big mistakes and wasted efforts, while creating the best project for your needs.

In this book, you get to see explainer videos through the eyes of Ben Marvazi, whose team at has produced thousands of video projects for clients in every industry imaginable, all over the world. Ben shows you how to:

Start your project properly with 10 Critical Self-Analysis Questions to focus on the essential content, style, and marketing purposes for your project.

Learn the pros and cons of 10 Popular Explainer Video Styles, so you can choose the one that matches your goals.

Discover The 5-step Script Formula for explainer videos that will tell your marketing story concisely while increasing sales conversion rates.

Get 9 Quick and Effective Pro Tips for script length, conciseness, animation styles, voiceover languages, translations, calls to action, and more.

See the 20 Smart Questions to Ask when hiring a video production company.

The expert knowledge in this book will help you focus your project, avoid mistakes, cut costs, and make your marketing messages convincing, so you can grow your business.

Why not take advantage of the author’s expert experience to make your project better?

In this book, Ben takes you through the journey of an explainer video from an idea to a finished product and beyond.

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